A*Stellar Turntable

A unique 36 layers design platter, incorporating 18 different materials with defined energy transfer speed – combined in the optimum sequence.

Metallic Black is our standard model available in the United States.
All other colors are special order.


The ultimate turntable. Reduced to the absolute maximum performance.

The essence of 33 years turntable design and evolution in the APOLYT finds it’s cumulation in an all-new turntable concept.

The task was to transfer the relevant and unique design features of the extremely large and heavy APOLYT into a considerably more compact and feasible format – without losing even the tiniest aspect of the all-alone sonic level provided.

All the design features and inventions which defined the unique apogee level of the APOLYT’s sonic performance have now been incorporated in a much more compact and positively matured new design.

The ASTELLAR is literally the design result of “the road of excess leading to the palace of wisdom.”

A turntable second to no other – in its concept and sonic performance on a par with the APOLYT and superior to all others.



  • A unique 36 (thirty-six !) layers design platter, incorporating 18 different materials with defined energy transfer speed – combined in the optimum sequence.
  • Incorporating Vinyl, Tungsten HD18, Titanium, AW6082 Alloy, 1.4401 Vanadium Steel – plus a defined mixture of organic material layers pressed together and bounded by natural resin.
  • Featuring the unique APOLYT-concept inner platter design – and going beyond
  • The ASTELLAR’s platter is 100% non-resonant, with a truly unique design
    concept featuring an absolute non- reflecting inner surface.
  • Designed to provide the utmost possible pitch-black deep dark “sonic background” – to allow the most tiny details to appear in an unforced and natural way and thus to integrate swift into the all-harmonic sonic picture provided.
  • The platter spindle is fully decoupled and isolated from the bearing and featuring
    an inner thread to allow optimized coupling of vinyl record to material-identical platter surface by screw-on clamp as well as any record weight.


  • A bi-radial, unique adjustable push-pull magnetic bearing, completely
    maintenance-free – proving a perfect isolated and totally vibration-free rotation.


  • Full air suspended plinth with 1.2 Hz resonance frequency.
  • True 3-point precision leveling with tilt-prevention.
  • Plinth featuring 3 levels made from 3 different Aluminium alloys –
    with inlays of Titanium and vibration-absorbing gel.
  • Tonearm mounting boards with “Zero-tolerance” –
    automatic perfect re-location design:each tonearm mounted and aligned on one position can be moved to any of the
    ther 3 positions without ANY re-alignment / recalibration needed.
  • Arm boards with defined and maximized energy transfer.


  • Double-point brushless DC motor belt drive – with active dynamic control motor
    management – and free of any parasitic side force / drag applied to the platter.
  • Double flywheel drive – with maximized inertia incorporated in the active
    motor management.
  • Totally decoupled bearing level and tonearm mounting board level from
    motor level.
  • Speed 33, 45 and 78 – all full stabilized with below 0.01 derivation from
    set speed.

Technical Specifications

  • External power supply 17″ x 15″  x 5″
  • Including motor management, full dc-supply,
    air suspension control.
  • Connection and wiring between power supply and turntable
    supplied by LEMO.
  • Available in choice of 5 selected finishes:
    metallic black, APOLYT-dark anthracite,
    dark Titanium, silver and light Titanium.
  • Pre-drilled and perfect positioned pre-cut arm boards for
    each and all tonearms desired.
  • Pre-assembled in 5 units – none of them exceeding 59 lbs gros weight –
    for easy and swift set-up.
  • Gros dimensions
    27″ x 18′ x 9″
  • Gros footprint
    25″ x 16″
  • Net weight ASTELLAR turntable
    194 lbs
  • Net weight ASTELLAR power supply
    39 lbs


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